SOUP season is upon us.


SOUP Season is upon us. 

Do yourself and your family a HUGE favor and instead of adding just “broth” add Bone Broth. It is becoming more available on grocery shelves and the differences and benefits are lengthy. 

LIKE ….Taste, SKIN, HAIR, TEETH, the list goes on to gut health, immune and endocrine systems that includes hormones Ladies and gents. 

OH lets not forget weight loss. 

WHO wants any of that? 

Just EVERYONE!!!!!!!! 

How can you use it? 

YOU can drink it like coffee, which is what I do, OR wherever you add water in your cooking add bone broth instead. 

Are you making sauces and gravy for Holiday meals? Use bone broth. Personally I leave the flour out and use cream cheese instead, or heavy cream. 😉  

Back to Bone Broth!! 

Did you know that Bone Broth is one of the OLDEST dishes that has been consumed for health and wellness? Did you know that original Bone Broth was made in the bellies of the animal that had been harvested by very appreciative homo sapiens? Before Pots they used the abdomen of the animal. Sorry if that is too graphic. BUT trying to make you understand this is NOT a fade, not new idea, this is an old old way of using the whole animal and the benefits have been known for a really long time. Think about this for a moment. Why does your Dr, Mother, Grandmother, and that know it all at your office tell you when you are feeling bad to drink liquids and clear broth? 🤔 Because Broth is known for it’s ability to heal. Also think about Chicken Soup for the Soul or why when we get sick people want to shove chicken soup in your face? Why is that? It is because it is KNOWN that broth is nutrient dense, with healing abilities. You don’t have to only use it when you are sick though, when you use for maintenance life gets easier. Every cook/chef out there knows that when you add bones to your dish, the flavor is better. 

READY to make your own? 

Do you have a Crock Pot or Instant Pot? It is pretty easy.  Here’s my recipe >

Here is a step by step way to make bone broth.

My favorite resources are: Dr. Kellyann Petrucci’s, “Bone Broth Diet” and Kaayla T. Daniel, PHD’s, “The Naughty Nutritionist”.

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