YOUR success, what will that look like?


YOUR success, what will that look like? 

Will the most important part be the mirror for you?  Will it be wearing that sexy “thang” you so want to look Fabulous in?  Will it be going to your reunion and everyone says you haven’t changed a bit? Will it be going to “the wedding” and having all the family you haven’t seen in years, tell you how great you look?  

OR OH MAYBE it’s this one. Your Child is getting married and you haven’t seen your ex in years.  

I don’t care why you want to achieve your goal, I just want you to have a big enough “WHY (reason)” to do it. 

What will success sound like? 

Will it be going to your Doctor and being told your issue is no longer a problem? Keep doing what you are doing. I was so ecstatic, when the Doctor wrote on my husband’s chart, Medication no longer needed.  It felt like it happened to me.  What frustrated me, was the Doctor didn’t want to hear what he changed, just told him to keep doing it. 

What will you be able to do? 

Do you want to play with your kids, or grand kids? Are you tired of telling them,” I have to catch my breath.”, or “Let me rest a minute so my heart will slow down”? 

Maybe it’s just being able to tie your shoes. Would you like to be able to take the stairs or walk from the back of the parking lot to the front door. 

Are you a competitor? Are you a fellow equestrian?  Are you tired of not being able to catch your breath coming out of the ring, or so hot a sweaty that you peal your suit off even when no one else is? When you WIN your class you want to be ABLE to talk about it, get interviewed and celebrate with your trainer and barn family. 

What will success feel like?

Maybe you are so tired of the hot flashes, depression and mood swings, that just getting rid of those would be success. A good sense of well being is not out of your grasp. 

If you are walking on the path I was on.  The same ONE so many, especially Americans, are on.  Maybe you are hurting ALL over and being told you have fybromyalgia. Would success mean to be free of that constant nagging pain? It was for me. When you are constantly in a nagging pain, you do learn to live with it, but it is always on your mind.  How about learning how to live, so that is no longer an issue?  Wouldn’t that be fabulous?  That is a very successful feeling.  Especially when the Doctors tell you it’s not possible to over come with out medication. There are many out there that say medication doesn’t help. What do they do?    

Whatever your reasons might be for wanting a better life then the one you are currently living, I would cherish the opportunity to guide you towards a more balanced, Nourishing lifestyle that results in your success.

You will be asked to complete a questionnaire that will allow me to learn a little about you and be able to make the most out of our first visit.