Are we a good match?

Please tell me about you and let's see:

Tell me a little bit more about you:


If yes, you might not be a match for my services. I am about education and changing your life. Not just adding pills.

Any exercise limits? If Yes, what are your limits? Please explain (surgeries, injuries, etc.):

I will be teaching you how to tell your own portions, the "two-hand method".

My philosophy is to teach you how and why to make good decisions, it's up to YOU to make them.

If YES, great attitude! That's the MOST important part.

Why am I asking so many questions before accepting you as a client?

Because I want to work with people who are ready to make a shift in the lives and see big changes.

I'm here to guide and expose you to my knowledge as I have learned it, experimented with it and have been successful with it. I want to be able to share my protocols with you and you be eager to learn WHAT is going to work for YOU. No ONE program works for everyone. No one program will work for YOU ALL the time. But educating you on what should/might and or does work for you in the space of time you are walking in RIGHT now, is my goal. As your body changes so will needs. You have to be open to that and learn to listen to your body and know the bad cravings or if your body is asking for something. If that makes no sense to you, it will very soon. 

If YOU are ready to venture forward and LEARN. Then submit this form along with your name and contact information AND let's get busy healing. 

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