SOUP season is upon us.

My Basic Bone Broth

by Cherryl Finney

Makes 5-6 quarts … Prep .20 … cook time 25.20 hours.

Place 3-5 lbs of grass fed pasture raised bones  on the bottom of your pot

1 lb chicken feet or whole wings if feet not available.

Add veggies, then cover with water (barely)

Carrots (3)  large pieces (break in half, just need to fit in the pot)

Celery (3)   large pieces (break in half, just need to fit in the pot)

Whole head of Garlic (1 or 2 heads or more) cut the top off, MORE is better if you like garlic.

Fresh Ginger (1” piece) more if you really like it.

Fresh mushrooms (for added flavor and Vit D) whole package or your choice.

Add 3 Tbs. of Apple cider vinegar to the water (let soak  for an hour) if you have the time.

1 Tbs. of Black Peppercorns

1 tsp. of Turmeric

3 or more small sweet bell peppers (any color) Whole

2 to 3 Bay leaves

Jalapeno (optional)

1 Onion (cut in half) More if you like onion (good for gut health)

Add herbs .30 mins prior to end the cooking cycle. For optimal flavor.

Fresh is best… Rosemary 2/ 3 stalks, sage several leaves, basil several leaves, oregano 3 /4 strands ( your choice Greek or Mexican)  ADD any other seasonings you enjoy.

Turn the Crock Pot on low or set your Instant Pot (IP) to slow cook (not vented) for 24 hours

In the IP you can cook on manual for 2 hours BUT if you cook on slow mode your broth will be very hearty and tasty.  The quick method is fine to cook with, but to drink for the benefits. I would really encourage the low and slow method.

Once cooked and cooled enough to handle the pot. Pick the large solids out of the pot and place in a bowl. Strain solids out of the broth with wire strainer ( I have found to be the easiest). Then pour the broth through the wire strainer sitting in a large measuring cup (something with a spout). Place your solids in a bowl to set aside.  Pour your broth into Glass jars. I use quarts or pints.

You might consider leaving your jars on the counter to cool.  The fat will rise and according to your taste, please include some of the fat in your broth when you drink it.  The fat is very good for you coming from a clean animal. If you don’t like the texture, save for using in your daily cooking.

Warm up stovetop enough to fill your favorite mug and ENJOY…. for best results and benefits bring your broth to a low simmer on stove top.

Tip….. Your dogs will love the bones. Give them only small amounts at a time. MY doggies love them and they even know the sound of the IP when it is done and come to watch the separation process. All the while licking their chops waiting for the bones as soon as they cool enough.  TRUTH (tip)…. I run the bones through my IP a second time just for them, then I feed them the bones and pour the 2nd run broth over their food. I have older dogs and they are bouncing around like puppies. Disclaimer applies and they also get supplements.

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