USANA'S Toothpaste
Since using this product, I have enjoyed quick and easy dental cleanings.

SO… Apparently I had to prove it to myself, once again¬†ūü§£ūüėé, that I love the USANA’s Toothpaste. Yeah I know, Exciting! WHATEVER read on.¬†

So I FORGOT my toothpaste while traveling this past week and I had to use Colgate¬†ūüė£¬†YUCK.

Believe ME! I have used a lot of Colgate, Crest, Sensodyne, pro enamel etc in my life, but not since I have gotten hooked on USANA’s toothpaste.¬†

I got hooked because of my results.  NO longer did my cleanings HURT.  Coming from someone who would request gas because the cleanings were so painful, that is are REALLY big deal. 

My gums would bleed and I felt like my whole mouth was inflamed. Which is was and Now, no longer. 

I have been told for years, by many dentist that I just didn’t have strong, healthy teeth. They blamed it on genetics. I would always say I had chalk for teeth. However all that has changed.¬†

Since using USANA’s toothpaste, which took a little getting used to, I have enjoyed quick and easy dental cleanings. In fact when my DDS comes in for “peek around” to see if I anything needs¬† attending. The only suggestion is to keep my cleanings current. Now of course he has a lot of¬† cosmetic suggestions. BUT as far as cavities, receding¬†gums and the rest. He has been telling me, “Everything looks Great”.¬† He has been my DDS for about 5 years and the Hygienist¬†noticed the difference the first time I went in after completely¬†switching to USANA’s Toothpaste. She stopped after a very short time and said “What have you been doing different, flossing more often?” Me: “No, But I have changed toothpaste.”

There is not a tooth in my head that hasn’t been touched and plenty of root canals. I have hand deep cleanings and scaling and suggestions that I should come about every 3 to 4 mos for cleanings. This is No longer the case.¬†¬†

What I was most surprised about, after using Colgate for just a few days, was the build up on my teeth. Now in the old days I would have thought nothing of it, but NOW that I don’t have that on my teeth all the time, I did. My teeth weren’t smooth either, and my mouth tasted bad. I was SOOOOOO Happy to get home and be able to brush with my tooth paste that I lovingly call, caulk. I brushed my teeth with pleasure just a few minutes after coming through the door. LIKE I said it isn’t easy to get used to, but the results are fabulous and well worth it. Add digestive enzymes to you regiment for the best results. Yeah Digestive Enzymes. I’ll explain! Keep reading.¬†¬†I sure wish I would have had this toothpaste when I was a kid.¬†ūüėȬ†If you have children I would certainly suggest this to be on their tooth brush.¬†

Why Digestive enzymes? You might be asking. What do they have to do with teeth health?¬† Everything, absolutely¬†Everything.¬† Your saliva is made up from gastric¬†juices so if you have the enzyme levels you need your saliva¬†will be able to do it’s job. One of which is to dissolve¬†away plaque and any food particles left behind. I contribute my long lasting smooth teeth to this toothpaste and enzymes. I do notice a big difference when I don’t include the enzymes. Want to see if you get the same results as me? See links below.

Click BUY NOW – ADULTS¬†to purchase USANA’s toothpaste and digestive enzymes.¬† ¬†¬†

Don’t leave the kiddos out! Click BUY NOW – KIDS to purchase USANA’s kid-friendly toothpaste and digestive enzymes.¬†¬† ¬†¬†

I would encourage you to add the USANA probiotic (gut health) as well. If you don’t take a high quality Multi vitamin you are missing out. CellSentials work for you on a Cellular level.

For optimal mouth health, include the Bio Mega (fish oil) and¬† Proflavonal C (Vit C). I added the Magnacal D to this list because, what are teeth made of? A:Calcium…. So that one is a no brainier.¬†

All of these supplements are so good for many other reason than just mouth health.¬† There is a cute little red x next to any of these supplements you don’t want to include. So go for it.¬†

I am betting you will love the results like I did and DO. All of these sups are in my daily regiment as well. 

Are you ready for a little more mouth health? 

Then read my Blog post about Bone Broth. 

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